Nolan's 2022 Lexus UX250H

This is Nolan's 2022 Lexus UX250H

Nolan needed a economical daily that was luxurious and stylish.

While most of us might've seen the Lexus UX as a boring economy car, he had a vision for his and saw it through.

Nolan went through the rather limited cosmetic options for the Lexus UX and landed on the TRD bodykit.

The TRD kit definitely adds some sportiness to the already stylish body.

Nolan originally had RSR coilovers fitted but recently decided to upgrade to air suspension for the adjustability and practicality.

There currently isn't any air suspension options for the UX250H, so he went with Universal Air for their custom application solution series kit. Paired with Airlift 3H management. 

Nolan's UX250H sits on 20" Weds Maverick 1410S wheels.

Everything was sourced through PMD VIP.

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